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Introduction of lightboxes for tracing and drawing


Investing in the best lightbox for tracing could transform your creative workflow. A lightbox allows you to trace easily and accurately onto normal paper of various sizes, and so are used widely by artists, illustrators, designers and architects. It can be used in the initial creative process too, for example for copying a rough sketch on scrap onto professional drawing paper.


The best lightboxes are also useful for non-pen or pencil tasks, such as scrapbooking, viewing slides and photo negatives, tattoo design, calligraphy, quilting and so on. But whatever you're going to be using your lightbox for, we're confident that you'll find the perfect model for you down below. Want to give the modern digital version a go? See our best drawing tablets round up, or specifically the best drawing tablets for kids.

This old-school art tool has never been more popular, and there are now quite a few quality options to choose from – as well as bargain options if you're looking for something more basic. Read on for our pick of the best lightboxes for tracing, or for more in-depth information, jump to the how to choose a lightbox section.